RULES of BEHAVIOR for you to feel as good in the CAMPING HOLIDAY-G P M

Camping Holiday GPM

RULES of BEHAVIOR for you to feel as good in the CAMPING HOLIDAY-G P M

  1. Access is allowed only on the basis of identity documents.
  2. Do not wash cars and do not make repairs to these in camping.
  3. Do not fire directly on the ground, the grill must have feet  to reduce the risk of fire.
  4. Do not fire at less than 10 m from the cottages.
  5. Store the ashes in barrels JAR marked.
  6. Store the plastic waste in the bins PET marked.
  7. Store the garbage in GARBAGE bins marked.
  8. Do not Park not less than 10 m from the cottages.
  9. Throw away your food than in special places in order to not attract insects or rodents.
  10. Showering only in specially equipped places.
  11. Use the sinks from camping  just for washing food.
  12. Keep the peace between 22-07.
  13. Keep cleanliness inside the campsite.
  14. Keep the integrity of the goods made available from your campsite.
  15. Supervise children in playgrounds.
  16. Keep the beach clean, do not throw away food residues.
  17. Do not disturb neighbors in any way, not even listening to loud music.
  18. Access of dogs are allowed only in leash.Big dogs with aggresive potential  must be bound and with muzzle.

  19. GENERAL MANAGER GPM0241/588 830


    CAMPING GPM DIRECTOR0241/831 001



    ANPC CONSTANTA0241/550 521

    Emergency: 112
  20. WE ARE NOT responsible for valuables left in the room or tents,You HAVE  available FREE VALUES  HOUSE  AT RECEPTION.
  21. The found items place THEM AT THE  RECEPTION.